Life as a creative especially a freelancer is similar to that of an entrepreneur, some days/months you have it good and some days/months you can have it dry – few clients, little pay.

Here’s how to have cash on dry days.

  • Track your expenses: first & foremost, track your expenses in a week & month, so you know where your money is going & where to cut.

  • Have a budget: After knowing your average spending, have a monthly budget that you must follow through consistently.

  • Have an emergency fund: where you save at least 7 months of your regular expense spending in a safelock account.

  • Investment: Investment these days has become easier & affordable. With as little as 5,000 Naira, you can start investing with your extra money in the days of good, which will come through for you with extra in the dry days.

  • Seek an alternative source of consistent income – no matter how little. If like 10,000 Naira is coming every week, it’ll be something to “hold body and soul”.